100th Day of School Celebration!

Our students at Milanesi are 100 days smarter!!

Kylie Gavrell was the 100th student to enter Milanesi School on our 100th day of school.

Great Kindness Challenge

On January 22-26, John C. Milanesi Elementary School is participating in The Great Kindness Challenge. The Great Kindness Challenge was created with the belief that kindness is strength. Our students, along with thousands of other students in the world, are participating. Last week students brought home the Family Acts of Kindness checklist to share with their family. Today, students received their own Acts of Kindness checklist to complete throughout the week. We hope the students have fun with this challenge and create a pattern of kindness for the rest of their lives! Off to the right, we have a picture of Charlotte Feaster (PreK) holding up the kindness checklist. The other two pictures are of Sergio Dominguez-Salinas (2nd grade) doing a kind act by holding the door open for Tiana DelValle (2nd grade) and Ms. Conley (Reading Specialist).

On Monday, October 16th, Trooper Bethea visited our Kindergarten students.