About the Buena Regional School District

Welcome to Buena Regional Schools

The Buena Regional School District is proud to provide educational and supportive services to students from preschool through grades twelve. The district is comprised of three elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. Students from Weymouth and Estell Manor join students from Buena Vista Township, Buena Borough. The board of education, the administration, and the staff support the state's initiatives in the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. The district continues to operate a half-day preschool program for three/four-year olds and a full day kindergarten program.

The state and federal departments of education require that each student participate in assessments to determine whether core content knowledge has been obtained. We all know that a test is not the only indicator of success in school, nor can a test measure all that is important in a student's educational experience. Assessments do focus our efforts on specific content and skills necessary for all students to master. Students are required to demonstrate specific skills associated with literacy and mathematics and despite the shortcomings of standardized tests, we know that they serve the significant function of helping us know how our students and programs are doing.

We continue to reach for success for our students: introducing more rigorous curriculum, extensive professional development, and establishing support systems for students at risk through our instructional programs to ensure that our district gives every student the best possible chance to succeed. We have established specific targets for improvement in all tested grades and subjects. In the Buena Regional Schools, we are very proud of our student's accomplishments and look forward to meeting their needs in the future.

Our teaching staff is committed to developing the professional skills necessary to remain current in the areas required of the position. To that end, the board of education provides the financial support to encourage staff to continue graduate studies, participate in on-site workshops, and to attend out of district conferences.

Our support staff works diligently to assist students with educational goals and also provide a safe environment where education can take place.

The entire Buena Regional School District family believes that the success of our students depends on a strong partnership between our schools and the community. Therefore, we encourage parents to become active in their children's education. Throughout the year, school personnel provide opportunities for community members to visit the schools, speak to the teachers, and see the many talents of our student body. We look to working with you for the benefit of our children.