About Milanesi Elementary School:

"What is the duty of the teacher if not to inspire"

Bharati Mukherjee


Welcome to the John C. Milanesi Elementary School. Milanesi School is filled during the school year with approximately 300 students in grades Preschool - 2. We embrace the philosophy that "all children can learn" in a safe, nurturing environment that encourages students to accept and find the best in themselves and other. When you enter the building, you feel the positive school climate by seeing the smiles on students' faces and the inviting classrooms. Our goal is to raise the achievement of all of our students. Milanesi's committment ot excellence is reflected in its programs. To meet the needs our our students our programs are diverse. They include the basic skills reading and math intervention program, bilingual and ESL program, our resource center and inclusion program, one self-contained multiple disabilities program, full day kindergarten and half day preschool program for three and four year old children. All of our programs support the district curriculum which is aligned to The New Jersey Learning Standard.

The entire staff at Milanesi is dedicated to providing a climate that is positive, nurturing, inclusive and equitable for every student. Student accomplishments are rewarded with praise and recognition and student frustration is addressed with understanding. We believe that it takes a dedicated team of parents and teachers working together to educate children. Through open communication, understanding and team work we help children to reach their maximum potential. All of our staff members participate in helping children to grow and learn...from our special area teachers - art, library, music, physical education; to our specialists - reading, learning support, guidance, speech, nurse; to our support staff - classroom assistants, playground aides, custodians, secretaries and cafeteria staff.

Milanesi School always welcomes the involvement of parents as partners in their children's education. We are fortunate to work hand in hand with a very active and supportive PTO. It organizes activities such as Family Fun Nights, The Book Fair, Holiday Shoppe and Carnival Day. It also financially supports such school activities as assemblies and field trips. The PTO joins with us in our commitment to help the students at Milanesi achieve in a positive atmosphere. Their support and generosity is greatly appreciated!

As you can see Milanesi School is a school filled with activity and positive energy. It is and will always be a privilege and challenge to the staff at Milanesi School to provide quality learning experiences that motivate, challenge and inspire children to learn.


Ms. Anna Bettini