About Buena Regional Middle School:

Buena Regional Middle School is a comprehensive middle school made up of grades 6 through 8. BRMS has a modified block schedule. Students receive 75 minutes a day of Language Arts and Mathematics instruction and 45 minutes a day of Science, and Social Studies instruction. Students also receive instruction in physical education, health and wellness, computers, horticulture, music, band, drama, and art. In all grades, there is an accelerated program for students who are working above grade level, as well as, a BSI program for students who need additional support in math and language arts.

AtlantiCare Behavioral Health Youth Center is situated in the school and offers mental, behavioral, and social health services to the students of BRMS with parental permission. Classes such as conflict resolution, teen choice (preventive health), and healthy living are offered to students who are interested. They also attend monthly recreational/ educational trips such as plays, museums, eateries, and sports events.

Buena Regional Middle School is just as busy after school as it is during the day with a variety of activities. The 21st Century Community Learning Center BOOST program runs every day from 3-6 p.m. (see BOOST web page) and there are many sports and clubs available for the students, as well.