Welcome to the Teen Center!

The AtlantiCare Buena Teen Center and Buena Youth Centers are dedicated to providing comprehensive social service programs, mental health counseling, and recreation programs to the students within our respective schools. All of our services are free and open to all students with parental / guardian signed program consent.

If you have a mental health emergency please call the Atlantic County Psychiatric Intervention Program at (609) 344-1118.

On 1/19/16 NJ approved the Boys & Girls Keystone Law which allows children to request & receive mental health services at the age of 16 without parent consent by a Licensed Professional. The AtlantiCare Buena Teen Center will continue to encourage participants to allow us to involve parents in the counseling process. However, our Licensed Social Worker and Licensed Clinical Social Worker on staff are required to comply with the law. If you would like to view the law please look under the forms section below.

Individual Services

Referrals for free individual services are available. Please contact the Teen x8233 / Youth Center x5317 if you have interest in the following:

Mental Health Services

Learning Support Services

Pregnancy Prevention Services

College Planning Services

Work Readiness / Retention Services

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