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Mrs.Donley's Horticulture Class

6th grade students were able to observe leaf stomata under a microscope in horticulture class. They observed 3 different leaves and with the Information they gathered, they had to decide the environment in which they would grow best in based on the amount of stomata counted as well as determine whether the plant was a monocot or dicot plant.

The 7th grade social studies students chose an architectural achievement of ancient Rome. An essay was written, and an illustration was drawn

Give Kids a Smile Day

Free Dental Care

Feb. 1,2019

Every February dentist throughout NJ offer Free dental care for children ages 12 and younger. There are over 100 participating dental offices available for parents to schedule an appointment.

Give Kids A Smile NJ would like to help students start each school day with a healthy smile!

See the list for participating locations.

On the Week of Jan. 15 everyone's lesson plans incorporated at least one lesson that celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King and his many contributions. It is important that students know he was much more of an impact and inspirational than just his "I have a Dream" speech. Here are a sample below

Mrs. Laubenstein’s class made props for their Civil Rights Timeline.

7th grade students watched a video of kids reciting parts of the "I Have A Dream Speech" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBhCd9GYbqk

Then the thought about their own lives and write their dream for their future on their puzzle piece. They had to trace, cut out and decorate their puzzle pieces then we hung them all to make one complete picture.

8th grade SS.- Students watched a documentary outlining key parts to the Civil Rights Movement; beginning with the Montgomery Bus Boycott through Dr. King's speech in Washington

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