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On June 4, 2019 AtlantiCare's Youth Center (School Based Youth Services Program) in collaboration with BRSD recognized its BRMS STARS students for the 2018-2019 school year with a rewards breakfast.

The Group aim is to cultivate self awareness, leadership, increase communication skills and the ability to interrelate with others. As well as, gain knowledge and understanding of service and of opportunities to engage in service.

These students volunteer their time not only during the 6th grade orientation in August but also during events throughout the school year. They also do educational sessions during the school year for the student body.

STARS are nominated as "role models" by their teachers at the end of the previous school year. These students are given applications where they have to answer questions about service, leadership and discipline.

BRMS Science Fair

The annual BRMS Science Fair was held on Friday June 7th. A science fair project challenges the students to use the Scientific Method to answer a research question. For example, one 7th grade was interested to know if using an optical or laser mouse would help his gaming. Another student wanted to know who had the higher screen time, adults or students. After several weeks of researching, experimenting and presenting their projects, the school community were welcomed into the BRMS library to see the finished product. Top vote getters from each grade level received awards

Field Day 2019

BRMS students will participate in field day. The kids are offered in a wide variety of activities along with Kona Ice and obstacle courses supported by the PTO and popcorn donated by the Youth Center.

Click Picture to see Mrs. Santoro's whole interview on PHL 17 In Focus

BRMS Students collect items for the NJ National Guard who are stationed in Qatar.

The platoon sent a photo as a "Thank you" to all who donated

BRMS 2019

Troy Holdcraft

6th grade Science


Lucy Avola

Support Professional