Our Guidance Department at The Buena Regional Middle School is responsible for the academic and social development of our student population in the following activities:

-Make adjustments to original student rosters

-Individual academic, personal and social counseling

-Group counseling

-Crisis counseling and referrals

-Consultation with and referrals to the Child Study Team, to the social worker or to other specialists in district

-Tours and orientation for prospective students and families

-Maintenance of pupil records

-Coordination of homebound instruction

-Recommendation to parents of academic tutors and medical professionals

-Help, as needed, in preparing transcripts and recommendations

-Problem solving meetings with staff and parents

-Participation in parent/teacher(s) conferences

-Participation in other required meetings; and

-Participation in ongoing professional development programs

Middle School Program of Studies:

Buena Regional Middle School Course of study.pdf