Securing Our Childrens Future Bond Act Outreach - Fact Sheet.pdf

Dear Students, Staff, and Parents,

Student and staff safety is of paramount importance in the Buena Regional School District. The District is in compliance with the New Jersey School Security Drill mandate, which can be viewed on the State of New Jersey Department of Education’s website, using the following links: and]

Fire and security drills are used to practice each school’s procedures for responding to emergencies, including, but not limited to fire evacuation, non-fire evacuation, lockdown, bomb threat, shelter in place, or active shooter situation. Throughout the year, we practice security drills to help our students know what to do in the event of an emergency. Our staff members have been trained in the emergency drill procedures.

The dates and times of the drills will not be announced. If you have any questions regarding the fire or security drills, please contact your child’s principal.

Thank you

David Cappuccio Jr.


Seeking Input on School Security Projects - Securing Our Children’s Future Bond Act.pdf